Based on frontier researches by THUIFR, we collect and publish thinking and researches by alumni and faculty of Tsinghua PBCSF.
We translate and publish internationally renowned books through cooperating closely with world renowned finance publishers and authors.

WeChat Official Account

Fintech is the WeChat official account held by Fintech Lab of Tsinghua PBCSF. As one of the most popular WeChat official accounts covering fintech news, Fintech was honored as "The Top 10 Influential Financial WeChat Accounts in China" in 2014. So far, Fintech has more than 400,000 followers already.


WeiyangX is a fintech portal owned by Tsinghua Holdings Weiyang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. Founded as an incubation project by the Fintech Lab of Tsinghua PBCSF, WeiyangX has gradually established itself as an integrated online platform of fintech industry. Facilitated by the profound academic background, financial insight and professional research capability of Tsinghua PBCSF, WeiyangX sticks to the principles of being industry-leading, thought-provoking, international and market-driven all along its development. The platform boasts a rich mix of contents (e.g. industrial data, research paper, regulation reference, and conference information), serving as an intellectual support and innovation think tank for fintech entrepreneurs, regulators and other industrial practitioners.

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